Devils looking to corral the Stampede

The coming weekend will see the two teams with the most successful histories in the NZIHL face off in their first encounter of the season. The Canterbury Red Devils and the Southern Stampede play on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th at the Alpine Ice Sports Stadium.

Historically, they share the most intense rivalry in the league. The Southern Stampede have taken 5 championship titles, while the Red Devils have won 4 since the league began in 2005.
Both teams have made the finals of the Birgel Cup 8 times. They have faced each other in finals 4 times, with each team tasting victory twice.

Their past games inform us that every encounter yields a fierce, unforgiving battle to assert supremacy. And the coming games promise to be no different.

For the Red Devils, the formidable crop of experienced locals and top-line international imports has been bolstered by the return of veteran Brett Speirs – an all-time international top-scorer with an amazing 49 points from 42 appearances with the Ice Blacks.

Stampede have topped the league for the past 3 seasons, and with new Canadian imports filling out an Ice Black studded crew they will be looking for a historic 4th title. The Devils are determined to stymie this ambition early in the season!

The stage is set for Canterbury fans to witness yet another epic home double between these two ice hockey titans of the South.

Both games start at 4.30pm. Buy tickets online now >>>

Story by Geoff Bland

Red Devils June 4, 2018  1118